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A lesson from the Titanic...

A lesson from the Titanic; don’t try to go around your issues: confront them head on!

All of the experts say that all of the passengers on the Titanic would have been saved had the ship not tried to go around the iceberg in its path but confronted the iceberg head on. We do the same thing in our life, we try to get around our problems and obstacles all in the hope of avoiding confronting them head on and we sink in the process of avoiding the confrontation.

Stop avoiding your problems! Confront them head on. Stop avoiding getting help for your marital issues or addiction issues, get help. Stop avoiding that depression or anxiety, get yourself to a doctor and get help now. You are going to sink if you don’t. Stop avoiding confronting your past abuse and all that happened to you, confront it head on.

Father Adam Kotas

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