A recipe to cure your depression: do something for others

Hello hello 🔔 “Father Adam I’m so depressed what should I do?” I hear this all the time! Do something for others, stop focusing on how sorry your life is and get busy living your life for others. A me-centered life is a recipe for depression but an other-centered life of service is medicine for the soul to cure depression. Jesus was an other centered person. Instead of thinking about all that’s wrong in your life go and pick up the garbage in your neighborhood, bake for your friends, call someone needing a good word, clean your house. These folks who every day walk the neighborhood picking up trash don’t have time to be depressed because they are other centered people.

In the Bible’s book of Genesis, Abraham is sitting under the mamre tree all depressed, feeling sorry for his supposed sorry life because he doesn’t have a son and he thinks about how horrible his life is but then he sees three visitors coming from a distance and quickly he gets up and puts on a feast for them!Abraham gets out of his depression by doing something for others. Mamre in Hebrew means bitter so we know Abraham was bitter under that tree because he doesn’t have a son but when God saw Abraham’s generous spirit, God said “at this time next year you will have a son” and Isaac was born the following year.

Generosity leads to openness and openness is permission for God to act in your life and bring you the miracle you need. So get busy! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Open up your life and watch the miracles flow. And watch how through your generosity the openness brings about the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Father Adam Kotas hello hello 🔔 hello hello 🔔 hello hello 🔔

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