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ALERT Help me report fake accounts on Instagram that are robbing people using my name through PayPal

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hello hello! 🔔🔔Please be aware that these and other impersonator accounts are bad actors who are stealing in my name. Please watch this video. Please be aware that I now have established an official Instagram Account for defensive purposes only [@adamkotasministries], but I am not routinely using the new account. If you see an Instagram or TikTok or Twitter or Facebook or Youtube that purports to be from me (in English or Spanish) be VERY VERY careful. I have ONE youtube account, ONE Facebook Page, and now Instagram, Twitter and TikTok ONLY so that I can report these bad actors...since these sites only have robots screening reports.

This is all taking a lot of time and energy...and spreading negativity that is terrible.

Please help by reporting any fake pages and posts.

My official Facebook account is

My official YouTube channel is

My website links to these as well as to my Instagram account that is, again, only set up for 'defensive' purposes at this time.

God bless you, and I thank you for your help and your prayers. I love you and you know that you live in my heart and don't even pay any rent!

Father Adam Kotas (really, it's me!🔔🔔)

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