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An inspiration

Hello hello 🔔 my heart is super moved by a very valiant 21 year-old young man, Juan, who for a long time, years, has been battling bone cancer and cancerous tumors that keep popping up in his body. He has had his arm amputated and the cancer is back in his back with a big tumor and as we talked today he told me the doctors told him “he’s running out of options.” I told him that all the doctors in the world do not compare to the best doctor ever, Jesus Christ, and with Jesus I said “Juanito you never run out of options, never.” When we have Jesus, our options never run out because for Jesus nothing is impossible and no cancer is unbeatable and I know Juanito will be just fine, one way or another all will be well. He’s fighting! I am super proud of him for battling on and raging on against all odds as he submits to more chemos and more radiation to try to shrink the tumor that has popped up in his back. He tells me he’s in a lot more pain now but he is offering it up. Such faith. He’s so upbeat and positive. Juanito is such an inspiration for me. I am so touched by his vigor and strength. Please pray for him. Juanito wants to live! If Juanito can rage on and fight on and battle on with a will to live and live with a smile so can I and so can you! I told him I would share his pictures with you and ask you to pray for him. As I blessed Juanito so I bless you with a big smile and a big hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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