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Are you a walking monstrance or a walking monster?

Are you a walking monstrance or a walking monster? Hello hello 🔔 today (June 6) we celebrate Corpus Christi Sunday when we traditionally take Jesus in the monstrance out into the streets to show Him off in the Blessed Sacrament to the people.

But everyday in our life should be a Corpus Christi Sunday as we are called to take Jesus into the streets and into the lives of those around each and every day with our own presence for we are, each one of us, individually and together the body of Christ. You are Christ’s body! So everyday you are to be a walking monstrance. Are you? Are you a walking monstrance for those around you with your love and non-judgment and understanding and forgiveness and mercy and smile and uplifting attitude or are you a walking monster? Do people want to run when they see you or are they drawn to you like they were drawn to Jesus when He walked in the streets?

Start catching people with honey, lots of honey, like Father Adam does, in imitation of Jesus, who caught people for the kingdom with love and lots of it, not with the vinegar of rigidity and judgment and rules and regulations and Bible verses that exclude and condemn.

Smile. Dance. Uplift. Say only good and nice things that people need and long to hear, for they hear horrible and judgmental and exclusionary and hateful rhetoric all day, and they don’t need it from you. Be Jesus to those around you. Be His body.

As I smile at you today and everyday and as I bless you today and always with a big big big smile and my blessing full of love and acceptance, hello hello 🔔

Father Adam Kotas

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