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Do you have your sandals on?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Jesus instructs His followers to wear sandals on the journey! Why? Slaves in the ancient world didn’t wear sandals, they went barefoot. You are not a slave, you are free. Wear sandals, they symbolize your dignity as a child of God.

Your freedom comes from within you in your identity as a child of God and this no one can take away from you. In the movie The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson my favorite scene is when Jesus is in the garden all depressed and distressed the night before His passion and He is praying for the cup to pass Him by; the devil comes to tempt Him and Jesus takes His sandals and crushes the devil with it. Do the same when the evil one comes to depress you and bring you down telling you that you are no good, that you won’t make it, that this or that problem or issue or sickness or suffering will kill you, that your marriage won’t make it, that your children won’t come out of their addiction, that we won’t make it out of this pandemic, that you are ugly or fat or no good or dumb: do what Jesus did! Take that sandal of your God given dignity and crush that enemy of yours that wants to bring you down to hell with him!

Slaves aren’t sure of themselves! You are not a slave! You are free! Declare your dignity and freedom and say as Jesus did: “get behind me satan” and add as I do: “I am a child of God and God is with me and all will be fine, I will be ok for if God is with me no one, especially the devil, can be against me or harm me.” All will be well for nothing is impossible for God. Crush that devil!

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