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Jesus tells us as His followers that we are the salt of the earth; are you? Jesus was Jewish so when He speaks about salt He is thinking about what salt means to the Jewish people not salt in terms of how we see it today. Salt was a symbol of desolation, abandonment, depression, desperation; salt symbolized a place or a state of being where there was nothing but dismal emptiness and where people lived in bleak sorrow, gloom, mourning, sadness, darkness. Think of Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt: no life in her, death. Israel's enemies would spread salt over the land upon conquering it because they didn't want anything to grow there; they wanted Israel to be a wasteland. Salt was not a good thing in the minds of the Jewish people. Salt itself in Hebrew means to tear open(shatter) your clothes hence why the high priest tears his clothes during Jesus' trial in a symbol of frustration and letting it all out, that's the Hebrew word used there, the same one we use for salt.

Christians, Jesus says, are to be transparent people, real, not fake and pretentious people hence why He calls us to be weak saying: "when you are weak you are strong"; and He says the weak shall rule the earth. He calls us to not be afraid of our weaknesses, our sins, our issues but to embrace them. To be transparent. To acknowledge our own desert wasteland, our depression, our desolation, our emptiness; to acknowledge how truly weak we are! Maybe if more people did this in our fake world where people live their life pretending they have it all together when they really don't we wouldn't have all this suicide! What a totally opposite message Jesus gives us to the power hungry, pretentious, pride filled, lying, cheating, dominating and fake world we live in where people trample on other people and do everything to appear strong and mighty.

Reject this way of life. Embrace humility. Embrace weakness. Today and everyday don't just salt your food to taste better: SALT YOURSELF.

Father Adam Kotas

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