Energy- and hope- from Above!

Hello hello 🔔 I felt this incredible energy as I stood at the same pulpit that Bishop Francis Hodur preached at, the organizer of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) and my personal hero for his valor and strength as he struggled to minister to a hurting people who were coming to the United States from Poland. The Roman Catholic Church at that time was insensitive to the needs of the Polish immigrants imposing clergy on them that did not speak their language and had no respect for their culture and traditions. Polish young men were forbidden at that time from attending Roman Catholic seminaries because they were labeled as “dumb polaks” and the Roman church was oblivious to the fact that Poland had been partitioned by Russia, Austria and Germany and didn’t exist and the only bastion and guardian of Polish culture was the church for Polish people. The saintly and holy Bishop Francis Hodur organized a Catholic church for these hurting people where they could feel accepted and heard and their needs validated. In his line and following his example I am starting a Catholic parish in Las Vegas, Divine Mercy parish Las Vegas, coming to Las Vegas next month, whose mission it will be to validate and hear people’s pain and give people hope in their pain, the hope that comes from our beautiful and holy Catholic and apostolic faith; one, holy, Catholic and apostolic! I know Bishop Hodur is praying for me and helping me from heaven!

Father Adam Kotas

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