Everything will be just fine when you trust in Jesus!

Hello hello 🔔 have you ever heard of a PIEROGI OMELETTE? Neither have I until last week when after receiving my new assignment from my new bishop to open a PNCC parish in Las Vegas I was feeling super anxious and the devil began to attack me with thoughts of “am I going to be ok?” “will people help me as I begin this new parish in Las Vegas and will people come and support me” “will I be able to withstand the sure attacks from my enemies and haters and detractors and the naysayers and the fear mongers and the religious sectarians who will say (incorrectly) that the PNCC is not a real and valid and legitimate and licit Catholic Church.” And then I went to breakfast, with the two bishops who incardinated me into the PNCC. The local restaurant in Scranton, Pennsylvania breakfast menu included “A PIEROGI OMELETTE.” WOW. OMG. My grandma was with me and I knew I would be ok, I will be just fine. Pierogi’s remind me of my grandma and bring her to me. When my Babcia shows up everything is ok, she makes it all well, she always did and always will. Babcia brings Jesus and if Jesus is with me who can be against me? Everything will be just fine in this new mission I am undertaking in my life to open Divine Mercy Polish National Catholic Parish in Las Vegas this September, and everything will be just fine in your life as well in whatever anxiety producing situation you may be facing in your walk today. It’s all going to be ok. Jesus I trust in you, repeat that with me today and everyday as I bless you with a big pierogi smile and a big hello hello 🔔Father Adam Kotas

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