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God gets down to where you are at to write you a love letter

The word "holy" in Hebrew means different. At each Mass we say: holy, holy, holy in calling on our God as we proclaim how different God is and in so how God calls us to be holy as God is holy. I have been reflecting on how different is Jesus' behavior with the woman caught in adultery as compared to the behavior of the other religious leaders, the Scribes and the Pharisees, during Jesus' day. They condemn whereas God doesn't and in our life as well God never condemns us but loves us no matter what because God is different in the way God treats us for God is pure mercy and calls us to be different as well; to be merciful. I was puzzled as to why the Bible says over and over again that Jesus would write on the ground with His finger and the Holy Spirit revealed to me the answer during prayer! The woman is down, literally thrown on the ground, all curled up as they drag her into the streets ready to kill her by stoning her; Jesus gets down to where she is at, on the ground with her; He goes to her level. He meets her where she is at in the moment where she finds herself in at the given time in her life. Can you imagine how she must be feeling at this time when the guy she was having a romance with is no where to be found; he probably ran away for the law also said he was to be stoned as well; they were to be stoned together so where is he? I mean she couldn't have been caught in the very act of adultery alone! What love she must have had for this man that she was even willing to risk being stoned for him and now where is he? I'm sure he told her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him and that he would never leave where is he now? You heard all these empty promises from people in your life as well; people like your ex who told you how much he or she loved you! Like you at different moments in your life this woman is all abandoned, betrayed, ready to die and in her state of desperation Jesus gets down to where she is at; I imagine she is laying there on the ground and Jesus gets on His knees to be face to face with her and calls her to not watch the men who are trying to kill her but to watch Him; Jesus calls her to not pay any attention to the insults they are hurling at her with stones in their hands; Jesus writes and He writes and He writes the Bible says! What is He writing? Jesus I am sure is writing to her: "don't be afraid;" and "I am here;" and "I will protect you;" and "I will save you;" and finally I am convinced He wrote: "I love you." Watch me Jesus says to her! Keep your eyes fixed on me and on my Words. All abandoned her, including the love of her life, in her time of need, all except Jesus! That is why Jesus has to be always the number one love of your life because He is the only One who can never abandon you or betray you or desert you. All abandoned her as all are capable of abandoning you: all except Jesus. Everyone even those who purport to love you most, can leave and betray and abandon you: everyone except God! Jesus is saying to you today: pay attention to me and my words for my words are spirit and life. Ignore all those words of hate and dejection; ignore all those words that bring you down! Pay attention only to me and to my words. That's why we have to read the Word so as to be filled with God's Word and not the empty words of the world around us from the people around us that are capable of making some wonderful and great promises but very often, due to fear and sinfulness like the guy the woman romanced with; these same people with their beautiful words flee when you need them most! You have had this happen to you over and over again so you know what I am talking about! God is holy which means God is different! Unlike those around you, God is always there and will always be there and will never leave you: no matter what; and when stones are ready to be hurled at you and insults fly in your direction unlike those around you who run away or worse even participate in the throwing of the stones; God gets down where you are at and writes you a love letter (I call the Bible: God's love letter to me) and more importantly God has written His love for you and me not in stone but in our hearts: "This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel: declares the LORD. I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. They will all know me from least of them to the greatest. For I forgive people's wickedness and I remember their sins no more." Jeremiah 31:33-34.

Father Adam Kotas

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