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God doesn't send anyone to hell

It’s been 2 years since we said “see you later” to 14-year old Angel, who took his own life; as Christians we never say “goodbye” but rather “see you later” because we hope in the love of God that promises to reunite us once again in that place that no eye has seen or ear had ever heard about what God has ready for us in heaven. I know Angel is in heaven. Angel was not baptized, and his parents wanted me to baptize him after his death to ensure that he would get to heaven. We can’t baptize those who have already died but the question of him going to heaven is one that people struggle with all the time with regards to their loved ones who have passed!

St. Teresa of Avila also experienced suicide in her own family with her own brother committing suicide by jumping from a bridge and drowning in the river; in her mystical visions of Jesus she asked Jesus: “what happened to my brother, where is my brother?” Jesus looked at her and said: “Teresa, Teresa between the bridge where your brother jumped off of and the water in the river where he drowned was my mercy.” In between was His mercy. Mercy always finds us. Mercy we believe even goes to hell to rescue us as we profess in the Apostles Creed: Jesus descended to hell after the resurrection to preach to the souls there. No one is ever outside the reach of God’s mercy, ever. God is never complete without each one of His children. He’s the woman in the Bible who sweeps the whole house searching for the one missing coin to make sure she has all the ten coins together. The number 10 signifies completeness in the Bible and 9 is incompleteness, so God wants to have the 10 - always! That’s my God.

All of those who want a vengeful and judgmental God who sends people to hell should ask themselves why are they so jealous and envious of God’s generosity? My God does not send anyone to hell. He is a God of second and third and fourth and infinite choices. Stop thinking God is like you because you don’t forgive everything and everyone. God is different. I am so glad that my God is not like so many of the judgmental and religious people who preach vengeance and judgment and harshness.

If you believe in a God who would not accept a psychologically distressed and depressed young man who committed suicide, then you can have this God, I don’t want this type of God. My God is pure mercy and pure love and pure acceptance, and my God is the One who doesn’t want any of His children to be lost but to be with Him forever. Angel was and is a child of God and went to be with God and is there waiting to be reunited one day with His loved ones, with his mom and dad and 6 brothers and sisters!

Father Adam Kotas

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