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Good Friday keeps happening all around us everyday

My favorite part of the Good Friday liturgy is when I kneel before the cross and kiss it and hug it: embracing it and accepting it as part of my walk with Jesus. For Catholics the cross is not a once and done event in history but it is that which happens every single day. Everyone of us has been and will once again go to calvary. I dare to say we go there everyday. We all carry the cross daily if we follow Jesus for that's what He said: "you are not worthy to be my follower unless you pick up your cross daily and follow me." You carry your cross with your depression that steals your joy and energy; you carry your cross when chronic illness saps your strength and leaves you fearful; the crucifixion happens when old age brings the death of your spouse and many friends; you get crucified when people gossip about you and make up things about you and lie about you; you carry your cross with the addiction you face everyday; you have been to calvary when you didn't get into that graduate program; you have been to the cross when your spouse cheated on you or left you; you have been carrying that cross everyday with the discrimination and racism and prejudice you endure; it happens when you are abused and taken advantage of by someone you trusted. I have seen calvary here in Clearlake when a poor single mother of five children cannot feed her children or when a single mother has to live in a car with her children and she won't go to get help from the state for fear they will take her children away: I don't have to go back 2,000 years to witness Good Friday: I live it every day in my life and in the life of the people I minister to. Christ's calvary is our calvary. Christ's cross is our cross. We don't celebrate Good Friday to watch what happened to Jesus; we come to gain meaning and understanding of what it is that happens to us. Jesus embraced every possible human suffering, He embraced His cross, so that we could know that we never suffer or carry our cross alone. As I kiss the cross today I do so knowing that the story doesn't end there and if I follow Him today on Good Friday I will also follow Him on Resurrection Sunday where death gives way to life; where tragedy yields to triumph; where the cross is shattered by the stone rolled away for if we are with Him in His dying we are promised to be with Him in His rising where hearts are mended, life is eternal, and love never fails. Father Adam Kotas

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