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He will always carry you

During Jesus’ time a shepherd upon noticing that newborn lamb would not be able to defend itself against the lures of its surroundings, upon noticing that this newborn lamb would quickly become a stray; the shepherd would break the lamb’s legs and for the next six weeks carry the lamb on his shoulders. The lamb would become so attached to the Shepherd during these six weeks that it would never stray during the course of its life. Now you understand why so often in your life you have been broken and continue to be broken because it’s in the brokenness that we get attached to the Shepherd, that’s why God allows our broken moments to come our way. Isn’t it because of the hard life that you have had, the difficulty you experienced, the suffering, the problems, the issues, that you are close to God now? It wasn’t the happy times or the joyful times that brought you down to your knees! It was the brokenness those knees experienced through the circumstances in your life that made you run to the Shepherd and with those broken legs He picked you up and carried you, and He carries you, and He will always carry you. That’s how much He loves you for He is your Shepherd and when God is my Shepherd there is nothing I want. He is carrying you and this means all will be just fine! You will be ok!

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