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Holy Mass is to be a celebration, not an obligation!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hello hello 🔔 a few days before Easter an elderly lady called me to wish me a Happy Easter and in talking she told me that her only son had invited her to Easter dinner via zoom, but since his zoom limit is only 40min she was going to be limited to only 40min! A zoom Easter dinner for his mother. After Easter she told me she messed up some setting on her iPad and couldn’t connect through the zoom so she ended up all alone on Easter - she had prepared a feast she said to share with her family through zoom and at the end she told me her appetite went away and didn’t have one bite of anything as the grief of the loneliness and her feelings of despair overcame her. She was in hell. That’s what isolation and loneliness will do to you. God wants you in heaven not in hell and to bring this about you need the physical, real, presence of others.

Jesus tells us that heaven is a constant banquet, a never ending feast, a spectacular party that goes on forever and that this heaven isn’t something we are to bring about in our life after we die but we are to experience it right here, now, and afterwards when we die this experience of heaven should just continue. If you want to live in heaven which means if you want to be happy you cannot achieve this in front of your television with a TV dinner eating it by yourself. Banquets and parties and feasts don’t take place in isolation or through zoom or FaceTime, you need the physical and emotional and engaging presence of other people to have a banquet or a party or a feast.

A banquet isn’t primarily about food but about being with others in a real, physical, emotional and engaging presence. People laugh and dance and tell jokes and there is wine. Does it remind you of the banquet you can experience with me at Holy Mass where I laugh, you laugh, there are jokes, we laugh and yes we serve wine - the best wine - Jesus - and we are together not out of obligation but to bring about a celebration.

Holy Mass is to be a celebration not an obligation.

I pray for this experience for you today and everyday as I bless you today and always with a big boisterous smile, hello hello 🔔

Father Adam Kotas

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