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How can I be afraid if my daddy is home?

When Jesus is present, we rejoice; we can play in the midst of any storm; we are calm because our daddy is home! Stop waiting for the storm to pass in your own life and start dancing in the midst of the rain. PEACE BE WITH YOU. Notice the disciples do not swamp Jesus with questions – what’s going to happen now, are we going to continue preaching and teaching, how did you resurrect, how did the stone get moved, are going to remain with us, but NO – there were no questions – the Bible says “THEY REJOICED” – why? Because Jesus was present. Jesus came. “Jesus is here with us” and if Jesus is here, God is here, and if God is here, my daddy is home, and this means all will be ok. I will ok. If God is with me, no one and nothing can be against me and so I can rejoice. Calm down, stop asking questions, breathe, God is with you, everything is going to be alright.

Stop asking a million questions that will only lead you to worry and despair and a phobia stricken and afflicted life – only ask one question – the only question ever worth asking – is Jesus with me – is my daddy home – and if Jesus is with me – how can I not rejoice – for I will be just fine. All will be ok.

Father Adam Kotas

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