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I didnt want presents, I wanted my mom’s presence. A reflection

Hello hello 🔔 Growing up in Poland my mom left me in my small little town coming to the USA and everyone tried to comfort me and make me happy telling me she would make a lot of money and send me candy and chocolates and we would have a bathroom finally in the house and a color television and I would be able to have lots of toys and a bicycle but none of this would bring me peace. I didn’t want stuff, I wanted my mom. I wanted her presence not presents!

The only thing that brought me comfort in the midst of all this pain and anguish was her photo which I carry to this very day in my wallet. I would fall asleep with her picture as we had no phone so I couldn’t call her; only her photo would calm me down and allow me to fall asleep. People tell me all the time “father Adam when I feel down and I feel like I can’t go on I think of your smiling and beautiful face and this brings me peace and comfort and I can breathe again.”

The disciples in the upper room all huddled together paralyzed by their fears couldn’t breathe either 48 hours after the resurrection, they felt abandoned, and Jesus comes in their midst and says: “peace be with you.” They are not focused on their past or their sins or what will be, all that matters to them is that Jesus is there and that’s enough and the Bible says: “the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.” They rejoiced. I pray through me in the midst of anything and everything that you have to go through today and everyday you can feel that presence of God in your life to know that you are not alone, God is with you and if God is you no one can be against you. Father Adam is with you. All will be well. You will be just fine. Look at this video and take in the presence and then may the Peace which is beyond all understanding guard your heart through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Remember I love you but Jesus loves you more and I bless you with a big smile, always, hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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