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I want everyone to find shelter underneath the tunic of my love

Hello hello The large tunic the priest wears is called a chasuble (from the Latin word caritas which means charity or love) because the priest always, above all and on top of everything that he wears or carries has to put on love and lots of it. It is a tunic because people have to be able to come and hide themselves underneath that love. People have to be able to find shelter underneath that love. This is what I try my best to do everyday in my life offering every one of you shelter underneath my love so that you can find solace in the midst of anything and everything you go through in life. Here is a short video clip of yesterday’s Mass when Gustavito, a 15 year old young man who has Down syndrome came up during my homily to the pulpit as I was preaching and became a God ordained prop for my homily so that my message of love would hit home that we should always be people, possessing the Kingdom of God (small as a mustard seed inside of us) grown into a big bush, underneath which all people should be able to find solace, peace, comfort, shelter, and lots of love! I pray for this grace in your life as that kingdom of God, small as a mustard seed, keeps growing into a robust bush offering shelter to a very hungry world, hungry for love and acceptance and non-judgment. You know that you live in my heart - and do not pay rent! I bless you today and always with lots of love and acceptance and non-judgement and I always invite you to bless all those around you in like manner! Keep smiling!

Father Adam Kotas

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