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I want to be "my grandma" in your life...

One of my fondest memories of my grandma is of the time she and my grandfather took me and my brother to the neighboring town of Owiesno to swim in the lake. My grandma doesn’t swim and is deadly afraid of water but when I was swimming and it looked like I was drowning and my grandfather was out getting a beer she didn’t think twice but jumped right into the water with her huge dress and all. As she held me pulling me out all she could say was “I love you so much.” That’s the image of God for me who jumps in after us to rescue us from any danger we may be in. We all need “a grandma in our life” someone to jump in after us when we are down and depressed and drowning, when problems overwhelm us and when we think we won’t make it.

I want to be “my grandma” in your life to let you know all will be well and that you are loved and you won’t drown in whatever situation you are passing through. You are only passing through it, you are not stuck in it. All will be well. You are loved and cherished and wanted and I know that because I love you. I care about you. You are not alone. You always have someone, Father Adam, ready to jump into the lake for you.

With a big smile and my blessing and my closeness to you in prayer right now and always,

Father Adam Kotas

By the way do you see my pictures there in my grandma’s living room? And her prized possession - her television! She loves her soap operas!

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