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In our wounds, we heal.

“We walk by faith and not by sight.” This was the hardest talk I ever gave. I got so emotional that I am still getting over it. You don’t want to miss this Bible study! Please listen and share it. It’s in English. I share aspects of my life I have never shared and it is very emotional for me to do this but I do so in the hope that you will find hope in my own wounds and so bring healing to your own wounds. Jesus always appears wounded after the Resurrection and it is by His wounds that the disciples recognize Jesus. Even in His glorious body His wounds haven’t healed. They bleed. Jesus invited Thomas “come and stick your finger in my bleeding hands and put your hands in my open bleeding side” and Thomas believed and proclaims: “my God” ! In our wounds we heal. Let the healing flow into your own life through my wounds.

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