Incardination mass homily, July 20, 2021

Hello hello 🔔 I share with you this heart warming sermon that Bishop John Mack, my bishop, preached at my incardination Mass in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I keep listening to it to remind myself to have no fear! Fear is from the devil. Trust and faith are from God. In whatever endeavors you are embarking on trust in God and in God’s time it all works out.

As I begin a new parish in Las Vegas, DIVINE MERCY CHURCH, LAS VEGAS, I have complete trust in the Lord. I can’t wait to share hope-filled smiles with people in our new parish opening up next month, September 2021. It is Jesus who called me and it is Jesus who has called you. Everything is going to be just fine. God is with us, so who can be against us! Repeat with me daily “Jesus I trust in you.” Jesus is with us, it’s all going to be just fine! We have to throw ourselves into His hands and do what He tells us to do.

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