Inform yourselves please!

Hello hello 🔔 The Polish National Catholic Church was organized at a time of great discrimination against Poles in the Roman Catholic Church and when Pope John Paul II became the bishop of Rome, the Polish pope sought to heal these past hurts with the PNCC. This is why under his direction the validity and legitimacy and liceity of the PNCC was recognized. Every missalette in a Roman Catholic parish publishes a specific invite extended to Polish National Catholics inviting them to receive communion. According to Roman Catholic teaching only Catholics can receive communion, so if we were not 100% Catholic and recognized as such by the Vatican we wouldn’t be welcome to receive communion. I would never join a church that wasn’t 100% Catholic with valid and legitimate and licit sacraments and this validity and legitimacy and liceity is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. I would rather believe Pope John Paul II who recognized PNCC priests as valid and all the sacraments of the Polish National Catholic Church as valid and legitimate and licit! Here is a link to the document entitled “joint declaration on unity” which clearly spells out the fact that the Roman Catholic Church recognizes PNCC sacraments as valid and legitimate and licit otherwise why would they go out of their way to welcome PNCC members to Communion and say that sometimes Roman Catholic can go to Polish National Catholic parishes to receive communion as well.

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