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It's your turn now!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

"It's your turn now," exclaimed my grandma as she lay in the hospital bed fours years ago suffering with acute double pneumonia from which she almost died; she had no strength, the pneumonia weakened her to the point where she wasn't even able to lift a spoon to her mouth. In addition to the weakness she had all these iv tubes in her. But, she loves to eat especially chocolate pudding so I brought her pudding and she really wanted it but couldn't eat it herself so in a look of exasperation and resignation she declared emphatically: "it's your turn now to spoon feed me."

That was such a humbling experience for me but a biblical one as well because the Bible declares: "we were all weak once and we will all be weak again!" There was a time in each of our lives when someone held up a spoon to our mouth and fed us and that time will come back again. I think this is exactly the last commission given by Jesus to us, His followers, right before His ascension into heaven: "you are witnesses of these things." What things? All that Jesus did, how He spoon fed the people by giving them back their dignity, healing them, touching them with His love, raising the dead, healing the blind and the lame, casting out evil spirits, forgiving sins etc... Pick up that spoon for it's your turn, says Jesus!

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