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Jesus says to Peter: Not IF you will come back but WHEN you will come back

Not IF you will come back from whatever you are facing but WHEN you will come back! Peter came back from his tough situation when he was tempted and so will you. We all have a Simon inside of us which is why we need the Lord in our lives to get the Peter out of us when the Simon wants to kick in. Jesus told Peter in predicting that Peter would betray him by denying Jesus three times: "Simon, Simon, satan has asked for you to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail and WHEN you come back you must go and strengthen your brothers." Why would Jesus call Peter: “Simon” here when He already changed His name to Peter from Simon; it's because Peter isn't the problem, the problem is the Simon that is still living inside of Peter. Our problem is also the old self, the sinful self, the self that wants to take you back to your former ways before you gave your life to God: but the Good News that you can use is that just like in the life of Peter we have Jesus on our side praying for us! He's got your back just like He had Peter’s back when satan asked to tempt him. And just like in the life of Peter satan had to "ask" for permission to tempt him and God gave that permission with the explicit knowledge that Peter would come back! In your life too, God gives satan permission to act in tempting you but only with the condition that He is looking out for you and "when you come back" you will then, better than before and stronger than before, strengthen your brothers(your family, your marriage, your circle of life). Jesus doesn't say IF but WHEN: that's what you need to rely on and focus on in your life as well: not IF you will come back from whatever situation you are facing but WHEN and just like Peter came back and became the first pope after his trial; you too will come back and become stronger, way stronger, than you ever were before. Jesus is praying for you like He did for Peter that when that Simon kicks in your faith may not fail. Persevere! All will be well. You will be ok and soon and very soon you too will come back. Not IF but WHEN. That’s faith: to always trust that you will come back in God’s time and on God’s terms we are all coming back.

Father Adam Kotas

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