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Keep the fork! Something better is coming.

In one of the parishes where I served a lady who had been diagnosed with a deadly illness and was given only weeks to live, decided to invite me over to her funeral planning meeting with her close family members so that I could be present as she expressed her final wishes. She told us about the songs she would like to have played at her funeral Mass and the readings she wanted read and also how she would like to be dressed in the casket and that she wanted to be buried with her favorite Bible.

As I was about to leave, she said “Father Adam there is one more thing: “I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.” She then explained that in all the years when “I was involved in different parish ministries wherever food was involved my favorite part was when whoever was clearing up the table after the main dish would lean over the table and say: 'you can keep the fork,' because that meant that something better was coming! Usually it was a scrumptious, delicious, finger licking desert; ice cream or cake or pie was coming. So when people see me with a fork in my right hand I want them to wonder: 'what’s with the fork?' And then I want you to tell them: “something better is coming.”

Are you living your life with a fork in your right hand always knowing that something better is coming? Eye has not seen nor ear has ever heard what God has ready for those who love Him!

Father Adam Kotas

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