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Laughter is medicine for the weary soul

When I was first ordained a priest there was this fabulous pastry shop in Sonoma I just loved and especially their doughnuts but it was my first lent as a priest so I decided in my fervor to give up pastries for lent but between the hospital nursing home where I visited people and the church was the fabulous bakery! I decided to taken an alternate route to the nursing home until I saw that it was blocked by construction and so I needed to go by way of the pastry shop. I thought: “hmmm this might be a sign from God.”

So I told myself, discerning the situation, that since the bakery had a small parking lot and it was always very very hard to find a spot that “if there is a parking spot open in the parking lot this will be a sign God wants me to have a doughnut.”

God is good! On my fifth round circling around the parking lot a spot miraculously opened up!

Father Adam Kotas

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