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Let us be good news for one another!

Hello hello 🔔 while visiting Scranton, Pennsylvania for my incardination with Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky and my Bishop John Mack, we went out to breakfast and as usual I struck up a conversation with the neighboring table of wonderful young ladies having their meal together. I was so inspired by one of them who’s 86 and exercises for at least a half an hour a day and just looks fabulous. She reminded me so much of my grandma who loves to look beautiful. It’s super important for us to dress well, take care of our bodies, exercise, and get together with friends and laugh, laugh, laugh! It’s good for the soul. I just love seeing people have community. Notice how she says after I complemented her: “I needed that” and notice how she is beaming with joy. I blessed her by my positive and kind and uplifting words. To bless means to say “good things” - “bene-dicere” - it’s from the Latin “good speak”! That’s what I encourage you to always do to those around you. Say nice things. Uplifting things. Make people laugh and smile. There is so much in our life and around us that already depresses us and brings us down, don’t contribute to it. Be Good News that people can use. Don’t be Bad News. I was super impressed with how the two bishops mingled with the ladies and visited with each one of them. We all blessed each other. Now I’m on the road heading back to beautiful and hot, dry, and arid Las Vegas! My lungs will be happy breathing that hot and dry and arid air again! Keep smiling and keep looking fabulous! With lots of love and big smile and a big Hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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