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"My daddy is home!"

I will never forget visiting a family once while I was a priest in the coastal town of crescent city where torrential rains and huge storms are the norm of life. It so happened that a big storm hit that evening and the house was being rocked by the hurricane style winds and everyone in the house was terrified, that is everyone except the little 7 year old boy who acted as if nothing was going on. So I asked him: “aren’t you afraid of the storm?” He says emphatically looking straight at me: “no I am not” and I said “why?” He says: “my daddy is home.”

Do you know that your daddy is home? You’ve got your daddy home with you! This is what we pray to realize and internalize and take in each time we go to holy communion: “I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof.” God, our daddy, enters our house and remains there forever to make sure we have no reason to ever be afraid. Your daddy is home, in your heart and soul. All will be well. You will be ok.

Here is a picture of my daddy and I!

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