No coincidences - only Godincidences!

Hello hello there is no such thing as a coincidence but only Divine Providence. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. He is leading us all. All will be well. Just look at the many miracles I have been experiencing on this journey of bringing divine mercy parish to life in the desert of Las Vegas! On Monday morning, July 26, I had most of the contents of the church building in linden, New Jersey all packed up from the volunteers that came to help me and Erick on Sunday but they all had to work and couldn’t come back Monday which is when we got our miracle 26 foot uhaul truck to transport everything to Las Vegas. Well, that Monday morning I prayed before going to breakfast at the hotel saying “God please help me.” Knowing that it would take an army to move heavy altars, a baptismal font, a huge organ, statues, communion rails, pulpit etc… I prayed and I repeated as I was all anxious about what to do: “Jesus I trust in you.” I walk into the breakfast room at the hotel and Lily comes running up to me “Father Adam is that you?” Lily had just had her apartment burn down in a huge fire and was relocated by the insurance company to the hotel for temporary housing. She and her family escaped with only the clothes on their backs. Not only that she had just moved to New Jersey from Texas being relocated as a military family for her husband’s military assignment. She fell asleep listening to one of my videos about trusting God and then that morning she comes into breakfast and boom there I am. No coincidences, only God incidences! There is no coincidence, only divine providence. When I told her my problem of not knowing how I was going to load the 26 foot uhaul truck, Lily introduces me to her husband who is a sergeant in the army. Her husband mobilized his us military friends to help me load the truck over the next two days. I prayed for help and God sent me the us army to help me! I needed an army and I got an army! God is so good! Jesus I trust in you! Keep the faith! He is listening to you and He is answering your prayers. All will be well. He is working it all out for me and for you. Hello hello Father Adam Kotas

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