Pick up the fragements! God doesn't want anyone to be lost! Sunday homily, July 25 2021

Hello hello 🔔 In the reading of the biblical story of the multiplication of the 5 loaves of bread and the two fish Jesus feeds all the hungers of the many people there that day and in like manner He wants to feed your hunger, whatever hunger you may be experiencing in your life! What is it that you hunger after? Meaning? Fulfillment? Are you hungry for the depression to be over or the pandemic to be over or the problem or the suffering to be over? Are you hungry to have the cancer go away or this sickness or this disease to stop? Are you hungry for your marriage to be whole again or for your husband to stop cheating? Are you hungry for your child to get off of drugs? Are you hungry for a new job? Are you hungry to finally be able to pay your bills? Are you hungry to have this addiction stop having such a hold on you? Are you hungry to finally find that someone special that sweeps you off of your feet and finally for you to not be lonely anymore? What are your hungers?

Today Jesus says: “pick up the left overs because I don’t want anything to be wasted.” Jesus doesn’t want anything to be lost which means He doesn’t want anyone to be lost. Jesus is after you. Jesus is after your children and your family members and He is after that spouse of yours. He loves you so much and Jesus loves them! Jesus wants you and He wants them. He longs for you and He longs for them. The 12 baskets of leftovers refers allegorically to the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles. This means it refers to us, the church, because we are the new people of Israel, we are the new 12 tribes, and we are the 12 apostles, the church, the people of God.

But to understand the nature of this new people of God you have to see that we are the broken people of God, not the perfect people of God. We are the pieces. We are the leftovers. We are the fragments. God doesn’t want the fragments to be lost so He orders them to be picked up and God is not satisfied until they are all gathered together into the baskets, the 12 baskets. In other words God is after you and for you and God is there in your life to satisfy the hunger you are experiencing in your life by coming to feed you with Himself, His presence. That’s what Holy Mass is all about; the Holy presence of God coming to feed our every need and to satisfy our every hunger.

Everything is going to be just fine. You will be just fine. Your family will be just fine. It will all work out just fine. You may feel like you are a million pieces right now all hurt and wounded, broken, shattered, fractured, fragmented but you are blessed because He’s got you in His hands and those are the best hands to be in. I am in the hands of Jesus! Whose hands are you in? I am in the best hands because I am the broken body of Christ in His hands and so I will be just fine no matter the brokenness I may have in me.

Throw yourself as broken as you are into those hands! Stop throwing yourself into the hands of the bottle or the drugs or the internet or the pornography or the casino or your money or your stuff. Only Jesus. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you!" Only Jesus--the Bible says only God makes man happy. Only God. I glory today and I want you to glory as well that He blessed me before He broke me and He holds me in His hands and always will as He holds you and always will. I too, bless you today with a big smile and a big kiss and a big hello hello 🔔

hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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