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Receive an egg from me this Easter

This year once again my grandma didn’t get to go to church with her Easter basket to have it blessed. The whole town knows her baskets! They are one of a kind. I would help with them when I was a child coloring my eggs just like she taught me with onion peel! Eggs are an integral part to a Polish Easter because they signify strength and valor and new life! We all await new life! What’s the new life that you are waiting for to be born in your own self or family? Polish people take the blessed eggs on Easter Sunday morning and hand them to one another and share good wishes with the egg, expressing the desire to see new life be born in the person receiving the egg.

My wish for you is that this new life coming forth this Easter, may spring forth in you and your loved ones and remain there forever. Receive an egg (a virtual egg) from me this Easter, and with it my good wishes and desires and my blessing for you to experience life, new life, abundant life, the life of Jesus Christ, our hope. This new life is Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever and ever.

I am praying for you and I love you and I bless you!

Father Adam Kotas

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