Social media reminders from Father Adam Kotas

Hello hello! 🔔Welcome and blessings!

Please check and register on my official website.

To all the followers of my official Facebook page, thank you. Please make sure you are on my page, which is

Have you already subscribed to my official YouTube channel?

I don't want you to miss any of my videos and broadcasts and other news. This is so important!

My website links to my YouTube videos and is updated with new blog posts and news about my parish, Divine Mercy PNCC in Las Vegas

Just a word of caution. These are the only OFFICIAL social media sites with my content. There are some sites and channels that are falsely representing themselves as 'official' in English and in Spanish and stealing my videos, photos, and other post contents.

Beware of fraud attempts. It's ok to share my content to spread the good word, but it is not right for others to steal it and try to take advantage of you by asking for money or putting messages out that are not from me.

Be aware, be careful and know that I love you and you live rent free in my heart!

Hello hello! 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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