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Start working on becoming more holy.

“Father Adam how do I start working on becoming more holy?” Start by closing the door more quietly and more gently and with more care and precision. Stop slamming the door! When you get out of the car close the door quietly and gently. Notice today how you close the door and do it with great care. And pray with me the prayer I say daily “Jesus meek and humble of heart ... make my heart like unto thine.” The Bible says: “be ye holy as your God is holy.” God wants us to be holy. I want to be holy. You should desire holiness. We cry “holy, holy, holy at every Mass.” The life of a Christian is about becoming holy. Holy is a Hebrew word that means different and being different starts by changing the small things in my life like the way I close the door behind me.

Start small and you will go big! So close that door quietly from now on and look how God slowly but surely will begin to change you into the holy person, different person, God wants you to be ... it all stars with one door ... one door ... one door ... being gently closed with tender and careful care ... one door ... at a time!

Father Adam Kotas

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