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Stop glorifying the devil and demons and evil!

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We live in a culture that celebrates the devil and the consequences of this devil worship are seen daily when young people kill each other and commit suicide, just look at this very famous talented young man, Lil Loaded (his real name was Dashawn Robertson) who was so talented musically, but who used his talents to glorify the devil with songs that promoted 666 and demon worship. He killed his friend last year murdering him. He was living in a dark world, in hell, due to this demon and devil worship he practiced and promoted, which is where the devil will take you and your children if you follow suit. The devil will take you down the same road. God wants us to live in the light and in love and to celebrate goodness and beauty and forgiveness and mercy not hate.

You have to be super careful about what your kids are listening to and watching! The devil is real. Stop glorifying the devil and demons and evil. Do you know what kind of music your children are listening to and what they are watching on their computers and phones? The filthy and degrading language that is used in these videos and this music turns people into objects and celebrates insults. What pains me most is the degradation of women who appear with almost no clothes in these filthy videos. I am super concerned for so many of our young people into this type of music and in our country the Recording industry association of America gave this young man’s music and it’s filth and devil worship a “golden certification” last week, it’s highest honor. His devil glorying song garnered 28 million views.

Your children should never be allowed to use the computer in their room alone! You should always see them using it. Take them with their phone to a phone store and have them install blocking technology on their phone so that they can’t access this type of stuff or other damaging materials. We have to protect our young people from the devil who uses people to get to our souls and ruin them and leads them to do things like this young man did killing his friend and then killing himself.

I pray for you and your family and especially your children to be always protected from the evil spirits and demons prowling around looking for souls to devour. We must resist the devil, being smarter than he is, and always remaining solid in our faith!

I bless you today and always,

Father Adam Kotas Hello hello 🔔

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