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Take those wrappings off and run free! Live! Don’t just exist: live!

They wrap Jesus in burial cloths and lay Him in a tomb: death has Him it seems all tied up. At least that’s what they thought. Then on that first Easter morning they see something: they see the wrapping, the cloths all folded in a corner: Jesus rises free! Nothing can bind Jesus. Nothing can hold Jesus. What bounds Jesus up is left behind on the ground so that He can be embraced by a life that has no end. Now thanks thanks to the Risen Lord that same power that unbound Jesus is offered to you and me. Easter declares that God’s love is stronger that anything which is trying to keep you bound. God’s love is stronger than anything which is trying to bind you; God’s love is stronger than anything which is trying to keep you restricted and afraid and curled up in fear. God’s love is stronger than anything that might want to rob you of your joy. Whatever is trying to control you and keep you subjected and down and quiet and timid is no match for the power of God’s love, which emptied that tomb that first Easter morning and which yearns to empty your tomb right now.

What’s tying you up? What’s holding you back? What is it that has ensnared you? What has you all bound up? The powerful love of the Risen One is calling out to you this Easter: leave all that stuff behind! You don’t need that garbage anymore! Take those wrappings off, fold them up, and kick’em to the curb! Stand up with your head raised high for those wrappings can't hold you anymore. That pride, that fear, that addiction, that anger, that lack of forgiveness, those hurtful memories of the past, that struggle of the present, or the uncertainty of the future: strip em off and fold em up and kick em to the curb for none of this is capable of keeping you bound if today you hear the powerful love of the Risen One calling out to you and for you to leave all this behind. It doesn’t control you anymore.

What makes you feel helpless today? Have you lost your way, your hope, your faith, your joy, your love, your job, your sense of purpose or worse yet your will to live? Have you gotten lost? Putting finances above family. Career ahead of caring. Purchases ahead of prayer. Are you tied up by isolation, despair, fear, or the feeling that nobody cares? Today from the empty tomb a message echoes loud and clear to you and me; death tried to tie Jesus down as the forces of death and darkness and gloom are trying to tie you down! But His Father’s love raised Him up, released Him, and set Him free. Death couldn’t bind or control Jesus and Easter declares that no forces of darkness, no devil or any of his helpers; absolutely nothing on earth can control you either. Alleluia.

Father Adam Kotas

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