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The birth of Divine Mercy Parish - one miracle at a time

Hello hello 🔔 Bringing Divine Mercy Parish to Las Vegas … one miracle after another … proof that Divine Mercy Church is what God wants for God’s hurting people in the desert of Las Vegas!

During my incardination ceremony in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is where the Polish National Catholic Church is headquartered, I met Bishop Bernie Nowicki and I told him that we had a building where we could hold “church”, but we had nothing to put in it. It is then that Bishop Bernie told me about Holy Trinity/St. Joseph church in Linden, New Jersey that had just closed and all its contents were available for immediate transportation to Las Vegas.

“The U-Haul miracle”

The only problem is how to transport them? This is late July of 2021-college age kids are moving to their dorms and people are moving in general and U-Haul’s are in big demand; there were no 26-foot U-Haul’s or any other suitable moving trucks available within 500 miles of Linden, New Jersey …for months. We reserved three big storage pods that we were going to load up and pay to have transported; I headed from Buffalo to Linden to figure out how to pack the church and load the PODS up; while at the airport on my way to New Jersey, I received a message that the PODS will not be available until August 12 and that making a reservation is not a confirmation. I put my hands up and said, “God help me” and God always does. With the help of a friendly and sympathetic U-Haul customer service agent, we went from no trucks anywhere to finding just what we needed; a 26-foot U-Haul truck that would be turned in right there at the Linden, New Jersey location in 2 days, and boom we had a U-Haul and just the right size U-Haul! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Jesus I trust in you - hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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