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The victory is in the struggle!

Hello hello🔔 the motto that my personal hero Bishop Francis Hodur adopted as he organized the Polish National Catholic Church was with “truth, work, and struggle we shall succeed.” I try to remember this as I struggle every day to stay healthy, eat healthy meals, and exercise. You know that I used to weight 325lbs at one point in my life and I have always asked the Lord why does it have to be such a struggle to stay physically healthy. Physical health has to do with our mental and emotional health so you have to work and struggle to be physically healthy. The Lord answered me by letting me know that our success is not that we will ever be fully successful over our struggles but that as long as we struggle we are successful. The victory is in the struggle. So as long I keep going to the gym and trying and working at it, this means I am succeeding and I am victorious. When I give up and say “I can’t” then I begin to lose. So let’s struggle on, keep at it, don’t ever give up! Your victory is in the fact that you keep trying. I am not giving up and neither should you. God is with us. The FORCE is with us. All will be well. With a sweaty smile and a big hello hello 🔔Father Adam Kotas

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