We are made of clay and God is the potter!

Hello hello 🔔 God breathed life into the clay and human beings came into being (Genesis chapter 2). We are made of clay. Clay is unusable when first brought in from the field; it has to be shaped and softened and then in order to be made firm needs to be put through the fire. Once it is put through the fire it is virtually indestructible. The Bible says God "formed" us from clay; the word "form" here is the same Hebrew word used for what the Potter does hence God is the Potter and we are the clay.

The Bible tells us this Potter watches the fire to make sure His handiwork is burned just right so that the fire isn't too hot or that His handiwork isn't destroyed. He puts you through the fire but He watches it so that the fire won't destroy you. The fire will only be allowed to do what it needs to do and that's it.

God, our Potter, makes sure the vessels come out just right as He sits by the fire (Ecclesiastes chapter 38:29-30). As the clay yields itself into the hands of the Potter so we as Christians need to yield ourselves into the hands of God. Just as the clay brought in from the fields is unusable because it is full of impurities so you and I when brought in from the world are in like manner full of impurities and we must be refined; we must be purified just like the clay.

The clay is hard when first brought in just like you who have been brought in from the world with your hardened heart unwilling to love everyone and forgive everyone and unwilling to see all people as your brothers and sisters and unwilling to humble yourself and give of your treasure and submit to God's authority and commands; you have to be softened and put through the fire. Your imperfections need to be kneaded and fired out of you. You have to be softened and kneaded and and tested by fire.

Today rather than complain about the test you and I being put through let us rejoice at the test for we are being refined. Welcome the test. Welcome the fire. We will come out stronger and more resistant and better suited for the challenges of life.

God knows the end from the beginning and directs our paths so today put yourself with all your worries and anxieties and wants and desires and problems and sufferings into the hands of the Master Potter and watch Him shape you, knead you, purity you and fire you into the beautiful and holy vessel you were destined to become.

With a big smile, lots of love, and a big hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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