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Wine to heal our wounded bodies and souls

Hello hello! One of the main reasons Jesus gave us Himself to drink in the wine at Holy Mass which becomes His blood is because wine in biblical times was medicinal and healing. In the story of the Good Samaritan Jesus tells us that the Good Samaritan when he meets the man left for dead by robbers who wounded him and hurt him leaving him beaten and bruised; the Good Samaritan pours oil and wine on the man’s wounds! Oil and wine! Now you understand why Jesus mandates us to use holy oil and holy wine for healing purposes. Now you know why I prepare a special holy oil for use in anointing ourselves to bring healing to our wounded bodies and souls.

At Holy Mass Jesus, The Good Samaritan, in like manner takes wine (which becomes Himself at Holy Mass) and pours the wine into our wounds, the wounds inside of us to heal them. How does Jesus heal our wounds? With Himself! For the wine is He, Himself, the real presence of God being poured into our souls to refresh them and let them know all will be well. God wants to come to you and let you know He is with you. You are not alone. Each time we come to Holy Mass we take in the presence poured on our wounded souls to know God is with us and if God is with us all will ok! For if God is with us who can be against us? You will be just fine. This is what I do each time I celebrate Mass I take the wine, turn it into Jesus, and pour it into you, all over your wounds, to bring that healing Presence inside of you to let you know all will be well ! You will be just fine. God is with you and so nothing and no one can be against you.

I pray for you always as I am doing right now that in whatever wounds you have inside of you that you may experience the peace and the love and the hope of that soothing presence of God who loves you so much and I know He loves you because I love you as I bless you today and always with a big smile and a big kiss and lots and lots and lots of love - and a big hello hello!

Father Adam Kotas

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